Have an Ocean Front Picnic

beach-picnicAlthough Summer has come to an end, the weather in Myrtle Beach is still warm and sunny. Book your room at the Polynesian Ocean Front Hotel and enjoy a picnic on the beach. You can make it a fun family event or a romantic getaway. Below are some great ideas to help make your picnic a success.

Food – Ideally you want to bring items you can eat without utensils.
Sandwiches (You can make them or buy some from a sandwich shop)
Fruits/Vegetables (any fruit and or vegetables that you enjoy)

Drinks – Bring an assortment of beverages you like.

Don’t forget to bring:
Condiments (mini jars or packets if needed)
Cups, Plates and Napkins
Utensils for serving and eating if needed.
A blanket or Sleeping Bag to sit on
Empty bags to dispose of your trash

So grab a picnic basket and a blanket and enjoy the ocean view with us!

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